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July 5, 2010 / Richard Smart

Japan Echo launches online magazine

Any journalist in Japan talking about politics or business will know what a loss the print version of Japan Echo was when it closed down earlier this year. As Editor-in-Chief Takashi Shiraishi explains:

”Last year, as part of the review of government programs conducted by the administration of Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio, it was recommended that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs halt its purchases of public-relations magazines.”

Now, a new version of the magazine has been launched online, and as @Durf , a translator and editor at the company, explained when asked whether the magazine would be going behind a paywall:

”Nope, since it’s a MOFA publication this time around.”

A quick look at the magazine after its launch on July 5 shows that the new site maintains the quality the print version had a reputation for. In-depth original and translated pieces on politics, society, culture, business and economics in Japan will make the site a must-read for journalists.

Shiraishi talks about the new site here.


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  1. Durf / Jul 5 2010 10:07 am

    Thanks for the post. I wrote some stuff about this new pub on my website as well, if you want a bit more gory detail.

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