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July 9, 2010 / Richard Smart

There may be signal at Fuji Rock

Friends in the telecommunications industry have told me that at least one cell-phone company (Softbank) is currently scrambling to get more antennas up in time for this year’s Fuji Rock Festival – which would be great for journalists.

In recent years it has been almost impossible to get in touch with friends at the festival, with phone companies unable to handle the volume of calls made from the site. This year, with Twitter also more popular and the growth of sites such as U-Stream, having signal will be more important than ever before.

Here is what I have been told:

  • They are building a better infrastructure now, and hope to have it online in time for the festival.
  • There will be staff members at the festival testing to make sure the work has been completed successfully.
  • There are no guarantees that there will be signal, but the company has done its utmost to ensure attendees can use their phones.

This is good news for media companies, who can now at least plan to have mobile coverage from the event. And for those in Tokyo, perhaps there is a chance of signal at events such as hanami and the Thai food festival next year.

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  1. Joi Ito / Jul 25 2010 12:07 am

    We streamed FujiRock once at Digital Garage. Wish I could go. Hope you have fun. 😉

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