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November 29, 2010 / Richard Smart

Wikileaks – the diplomatic stuff

So far the stuff below has been released.

And two more points:

We are struggling to find ANY mention of Japan in the Iraq War Logs… help?

And the full Afghan mentions of Japan are here, with an index here.


Tip: Check the index as the war logs are generally tedious details about Japanese batteries used in Afghanistan.


And as far as today’s release goes, there appears to be a single entry on Japan, which is:


5. (C) Japanese DCM Kunio Umeda reported that PM Taro Aso,
who had visited Beijing April 29-30, had said Premier Wen
Jiabao was “very tired and seemed under a lot of pressure”
from dealing with the economic crisis, while President Hu
Jintao had seemed “confident and relaxed.”  PM Aso had
requested China not implement its planned compulsory
certification of IT products in China, while Premier Wen had
insisted the law was consistent with China’s WTO commitments.

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